The Art Histories and Aesthetic Practices Travelling Seminar 2017

Aesthetic Practices and Geographies of Time in Central Mexico. From Pre-Columbian Cultures to Early Colonialism, Modernity and the Contemporary

Feb 27-Mar 1 2017

The Travelling Seminar was organized by Hannah Baader and Gerhard Wolf (both KHI in Florenz and Forum Transregionale Studien Berlin) in collaboration with David H. Colmenares (Columbia University/ CAHIM Fellow, KHI/ SMB) and Sanja Savkic (Art Histories Fellow 2016/17). 

Guest scholars were Clara Bargellini (UNAM), Peter Krieger (UNAM), Nicole Hughes (Columbia University), Alfonso Alfaro  (ITESO - Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara), Johannes Neurath (Museo Nacional de Antropología) and others

The travelling itinerary included visits to Mexico City, Teotihuacán, Puebla, Cholula, Oaxaca, Monte Alban and sites along the way.