Vergangene Veranstaltungen


Jun 11 | Art Histories & CAHIM Workshop
"Sensate Art Histories - Challenges and New Perspectives"
organized by Subhashini Kaligotla, Alya Karame, Max Koss, Lucy Jarman and Ning Yao (all CAHIM) in cooperation with Hannah Baader (Forum Transregionale Studien, Berlin/KHI Florenz, Max-Planck-Institute)

Feb 2 | CAHIM Seminar
Max Koss: "The Intimacy of Paper - Fin-de-siècle Print Culture and the Politics of the Senses"

Jan 31 - Feb 1 | Workshop
"Working Through Colonial Photography"
organized by Hannah Baader (Forum Transregionale Studien, Berlin/KHI Florenz, Max-Planck-Institute), Eva Ehninger (Humboldt-University, Berlin), and Pathmini Ukwattage (Basel University)


Nov 16-18 | International Symposium
"The Global Power of Private Museums: Arts and Publics – States and Markets"

Sep 30 - Oct 8 | Transregional Academy on Latin American Art II in Buneos Aires
"Mobility: Objects, Materials, Concepts, Actors"

Jul 17 | Art Histories Seminar
Combiz Moussavi-Agdham: "The Experience of Talar-e Qandriz: Towards a Socio-cultural Practice in Pre-revolutionary Iranian Art"

Jul 13 | CAHIM Seminar
Alya Karame: "The Biography of an 11th Century Ghaznavid Qur'an: Form, Function and Circulation"

Jul 5-7 | Art Histories Excursion
"Skulptur Projekte Münster & documenta 14, Kassel"

Jul 3 | CAHIM Seminar
Andrew Finegold: "Vital Voids: Cavities and Holes in Mesoamerican Material Culture"

Jun 26 | Art Histories Seminar
Yanlong Guo: "Exotic and Domestic: The Consumption of Bronze Mirrors in Xinjiang during the First Millenium BCE"

Jun 22-23 | Art Histories Workshop
"Landscapes of the Long 18th Century: Mediating Places, Powers and Pasts in South Asia and Beyond" organized by Dipti Khera (NYU / Arthistories Fellow 2015/16) and Hannah Baader (Arthistories / KHI Florenz MPI)

Jun 21 | Art Histories Evening Lecture
Tim Barringer: "The Panorama as Global Landscape"

Jun 12 | Art Histories Seminar
Monica Juneja: "Making place for the world - art history's unresolved epistemic frontiers"

Jun 1 | Art Histories Excursion
"Hamburg's Museums, Ethnographic Collections nad the Warburg Library"
organized by Hannah Baader and Jens Baumgarten (Unifesp, São Paulo)

May 29 | Art Histories Seminar
Martón Orosz: "Visual Studies in the Cybernetic Age - Human Solidarity and Engineered Civilization in György Kepes's Socially-Oriented Media Art Practice"

May 8 | Art Histories Seminar
Leslie Braun: "Congolese Representations of the Female in Motion"

Apr 24 | Conference at Bode Museum Berlin
"Negotiating Cultural Heritage: Making, Sustaining, Breaking, Sharing"
in cooperation with the Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a Global Context”, Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Forum Transregionale Studien, Max Weber Stiftung and Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz

Apr 20 | Art Histories Workshop
Wulandani Dirgantoro: "Histories of Art and Art as History in Contemporary Southeast Asia"
with Kevin Chua (Texas Tech University, USA), Pamela Corey (SOAS University of London), Amanda Katherine Rath (Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main)

Apr 3 | Art Histories Seminar
Peter H. Christensen: "The Art of Infrastructure: The German Construction of the Ottoman Railway Network"

Mar 27 | Art Histories Seminar
Venugopali Maddipati: "The Forgetting of Space in Latent Worlds: Gandhi and the Architecture of Ecological Silence in 20th Century India"

Mar 22 | Art Histories Seminar
Shaheen Dill-Riaz: Documentary Film: IRONEATERS

Feb 17 - Mar 1 | The Art Histories and Aesthetic Practices Travelling Seminar
"Aesthetic Practices and Geographies of Time in Central Mexico. From Pre-Columbian Cultures to Early Colonialism, Modernity and the Contemporary"

Feb 13 | Art Histories Seminar
Jens Baumgarten: "From Brasília to Quezon City – and from Manila to Rio de Janeiro: (Post-)Colonial Brazilian and Philippine arts"

Jan 30 | CAHIM Seminar
Regina Höfer: "Provenance Research on a Colonial Ethnographic Collection: The Legacy of L.A. Waddell in the Berlin Museums"

Jan 26-27 | Conference at Kulturforum Berlin
"Die Namen der Künstler - Auktoriale Präsenz zwischen Bild und Schrift"


Dec 15 | Art Histories Seminar
"Knowledge Production and Cultural Transfers: Latin America in Transregional Contexts"
Seminar with researchers and librarians of the Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut (IAI): Dr Barbara Göbel (director), Dr Iken Paap, Dr Ricarda Musser, and Dr Friedrich Schmidt-Welle

Dec 12-13 | Art Histories Workshop
Art Histories and Terminologies III
in collaboration with the cluster "Asia and Europe in a Global Context" at the University of Heidelberg and the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz - Max-Planck-Institut

Dec 5 | Art Histories Seminar
Lamia Balafrej: "The Mediation of Intricacy. Medium, Representation and Authorship in Late fifteenth-century Persian Painting"

Dec 1 | Art Histories Seminar
Visit of the collection of Mesoamerica at the Ethnologisches Museum, SMB, joint discussion with Sanja Savkic, the museum director Viola König and curator Maria Gaida

Nov 17 | Art Histories Seminar
Sarada Natarajan: "Artistic Agency and Pre-modern Indian Sculpture Towards a View 'from Below'"

Nov 10 | Art Histories Seminar
Wulandani Dirgantoro: "Memory and the Avant-Garde: Trauma in Indonesian Visual Arts 1970-1990"

Nov 4 | Art Histories Seminar
Post-colonial Perpectives at the exhibition
"DADA Africa. Dialogue with the Other" at Berlinische Galerie

Nov 3 | Art Histories Seminar
Sanja Savkic: "Engaging Preclassic Maya Visual Configurations at San Bartolo, Guatemala

Okt 10-21 | Art Histories Welcome Weeks 2016

Okt 12-14 | Annual Conference of Forum Transregionale Studien
"Making, Sustaining, Breaking - The Politics Of Heritage And Culture"

Jun 29-30 | Art Histories Workshop in Munich
"Sudanese Objects in German Collections - Images at Work"

Jun 27 | Art Histories Seminar
Rakhee Balaram: "Swimming in a Dark Sea: Rabindranath Tagore, Surrealism and the Colonial Unconscious, Paris, 1930"

Jun 23-24 | ARTMargins Annual Workshop
"Writing (in) the Margins"

Jun 20 | Art Histories Seminar
Dipti Khera: "'Feeling of a Space': An Art History of Praise and Place in Eighteenth-Century India"

Jun 13 | Art Histories Seminar
Ahmed Adam: "The Sudanese Objects in German Collections"

May 30 | Art Histories Seminar
Banu Karaca "Tracing Absence: Missing Provenance, ‘Lost’ Works, and the Blind-Spots of Art History in Turkey"

May 23 | Art Histories Seminar
Annalisa Butticci: "Roman Catholicism and Traditional Religions in the Gold Coast Aesthetic Clashes, Continuities and Ambiguities"

Apr 30-May 12 | The Art Histories and Aesthetic Practices Travelling Seminar 2016
"The Architectures, Aesthetic Practices, and Arts of Iran"

Apr 11 | Art Histories Seminar
Subhashini Kaligotla: "Small Models of Large Buildings?: On the Miniature Temple in Medieval India"


Dec 14-15 | Conference at KHI Florence
“Ecologies, Aesthetics, and Histories of Art I”

Dec 10-16 | Art Histories Excursion and Exploratory Workshop
“Art Histories, Environment, and Ecology”

Dec 3 | Art Histories Seminar
Gül Kale: “Artifacts as Source of Wisdom and Wonder: Intersections between Ottoman Books on Architecture and European Travel Narratives in the 17th Century”

Nov 23 | Art Histories Seminar
Peyvand Firouzeh: “Depicted Legitimacy among Text, Image, and Architecture: The British Library Shāhnāmeh Manuscript (Or. 1403) Reinterpreted in Light of Sufi-Sultan Relations in 15th-century Deccan”

Nov 19 | Art Histories Seminar
Federico Buccellati: “Mesopotamian Palatial Architecture: Part I – A Study of Space“

Nov 5-7 | Annual Conference of Forum Transregionale Studien
“Global Modernisms: Contiguities, Infrastructures and Aesthetic Practices” 

Oct 6-15 | Art Histories Welcome Week

Jul 6-7 | Art Histories & EUME Workshop
“Writing Histories of Now: Modern and Contemporary Middle East Art and Architecture“

Jul 1 | Art Histories Seminar
Ittai Weinryb: “Art and Experience in the Age of the Astrolabe“

Jun 24 | Art Histories Seminar
William Kynan-Wilson: “Travellers, Artists, Readers: Re-interpreting Ottoman Costume Albums“

Jun 24 | Art Histories Seminar
Saima Akhtar: “The Image and the ’Orient’ in Ford's Hollywood“

Jun 17 | Art Histories Seminar
Combiz Mousavi Aghdam: “Iranian Art in the 1960s: An Alternative Modernism?“

Jun 11 | WeberWorldCafé
„Museum, Power, and Identity“

Jun 10 | Art Histories Seminar
Yoonjung Seo: “Chinese Images for Commemorative Painting in the Late Chosŏn Dynasty, Korea“

May 10-22 | The Art Histories and Aesthetic Practices Travelling Seminar 2015
“From Traditional to Contemporary Aesthetic Practices in West Africa, Benin and Togo”

Apr 22 | Art Histories & EUME Lecture
Wendy Shaw: “How do Archaeological Artifacts Gain Value? From the Ottoman Empire to Contemporary Iconographies of Iconoclasm“

Apr 15 | Art Histories Seminar
Atreyee Gupta: “Postcolonial Modernism: Possible Methodologies for a Transcultural History of Art“

Mar 26-28 | Fellow Talks at RSA 2015 Berlin Sessions
“The Shape of Space: Empires of Architectures, Words, Landscapes. Approaches in Eco Art History“

Mar 24 | Art Histories Lecture
Darcy Grimaldo Grigsby and Sugata Ray: “Body and Empire. A conversation”

Mar 24 | Art Histories Seminar
Ching-Ling Wang: “Viewing of the Painting ’The Buddha Preaching’ of Ding Guanpeng (Collection of the Ethnological Museum)“

Mar 23 | Art Histories Lecture
Ching-Ling Wang: “Praying for Myriad Virtues: On Ding Guanpeng’s The Buddha Preaching in the Berlin Collection“

Mar 9 | Fellow Talk at the Max Planck Research Group Colloquium Series
Ittai Weinryb: “Cultures of Alloy: Technology and Community in Early Medieval Europe“

Feb 19 | Fellow Talk at the Workshop "On Site. Western Travellers Sketching Topographies in the Ottoman Empire" of the DFG Research Group „Transcultural Negotiations in the Ambits of Art“
William Kynan-Wilson: “Mediating Images in Jacques Carrey’s ’View of Athens’ (1674)“

Feb 5-7 | Art Histories Workshop in Heidelberg
“Art Histories and Terminologies II”

Jan 28 | Fellow Talk at the Institute of Art and Visual History (HU Berlin)
Mohamed Elshahed: „Mid-Twentieth Century Architectural Modernism: A View from the Margins (Egypt)“

Jan 13-16 | Art Histories Workshop in Paris
“African Art in Paris: Collections, Objects and Aesthetic Practices, from the Traditional to the Contemporary“

Jan 7 | Art Histories Lecture
Andreas Eckert: "Only bad news on Radio Africa? Transformations in the history of Africa since World War II“


Dec 10 | Art Histories Seminar
Peter Webb: “The Qur’an, politics and power: Ornament, calligraphy and religious spaces in Mamluk Cairo“ 

Dec 3 | Art Histories Seminar
Mohamed Elshahed: “Revolutionary Modernism? Architecture and the Politics of Transition in Egypt, 1936-1967“ 

Nov 11 | Art Histories Seminar
Yudong Wang: “’Relief Painting’: Buddhist Mural Arts and Their Beholders in Early Medieval China“

Nov 8-9 | Art Histories Excursion
La Biennale di Venezia - Architettura 

Nov 5 | Art Histories Seminar
Roxana Nakashima: “Following the clues of the English iconoclast corsairs in Spanish America. Context overview and the case of Santo Domingo attack“ 

Oct 28 | Art Histories Seminar
Mathias Alubafi: “African Art in the Ethnological Museum, Berlin-Dahlem“ 

Oct 27 | Art Histories Seminar
Projects of the 2014-2015 Fellows of the Program “Connecting Art Histories in the Museum“ 

Oct 17 | Art Histories Seminar
Projects of the Art Histories Fellows 2014-2015 

Oct 7-10 | Art Histories Welcome Week 

Jul 7-8 | Art Histories Workshop in Florence
“Aesthetic Practices and Spatial Descriptions. Configurations of Micro, Macro, Meso“

May 13 | Art Histories Seminar
Maria José de Abreu: “Theotokos: Space, Economy and the Operational Icon in Sao Paolo, Brazil“

May 13 | Art Histories Seminar
Romuald Tchibozo: “The Ex-German Democratic Republic and African Countries: Between Artistic Legitimization and Ideological Solidarity“

Mar 25 | Art Histories Seminar
Martina Becker: “Five-Second Architectural Histories, Thick Description Postponed: On the Discrepancy between Research Plan and Feasibility as a Tool for Transregional Art History“ 

Mar 25 | Art Histories Lecture
Luca Giuliani: “A Silver Cup for Mr. Warren - How to Deal with a Forgery“

Mar 16-21 | Art Histories Excursion
“Coast Lines: From Marseilles to Genova“

Mar 11 | Art Histories Seminar
Mathias Alubafi: “Contemporary Drinking Horns in the Cameroon Grassfields and Beyond“

Mar 10 | Art Histories Lecture
Till Förster: “Womiegnon: A Cultural Centre under Rebel Domination in Korhogo, Northern Côte d'Ivoire“

Mar 4 | Art Histories Seminar
Anna McSweeney: “The Alhambra in the Middle East: Architectural Revivals of a Nasrid Palace in the 19th Century“

Mar 3 | Colloquium of the Forum Transregionale Studien
“Ekphrasis and Description“

Feb 18 | Art Histories Seminar
Li Zhang: “The Chinese Bronze Age in the Eurasian Network: A Study of the Bronze Collections in the Museum of Asian Art and Beyond“ 

Jan 25-Feb 3 | The Art Histories and Aesthetic Practices Travelling Seminar 2014
“Spatial Orders in India: Aesthetics, Politics, Religion“ 

Jan 7 | Art Histories Seminar
Sugata Ray: “A Fragile Techné: Corporeal Topophilia and the Remaking of Hinduism/s in Colonial India“


Dec 13-14 | Art Histories Workshop in Berlin
“Art Histories and Terminologies I” 

Dec 10 | Art Histories Seminar 
Haytham Bahoora: “Modernism, Urbanism, and the Politics of Form in Colonial Baghdad“

Nov 26 | Art Histories Seminar
Mathis Alubafi: “Modern Museums in the Palaces of the Grassfields, Cameroon“

Nov 19 | Art Histories Seminar
Niharika Dinkar: “Colonial Shadows: Vision and Space in Modern Indian Art“  

Nov 6 | Art Histories Lecture
Naman P. Ahuja: “The Body in Indian Art and Thought“

Nov 4 | Art Histories Excursion
Visit of the Exhibition “The Body in Indian Art“ in Brussels with the Curator Naman P. Ahuja

Oct 22 | Art Histories Seminar 
Michael Falser: “Heritage as a Transcultural Concept - Angkor Wat from an Object of Colonial Archaeology to a Contemporary Global Icon“

Oct 7 | Art Histories Seminar
Projects of the Art Histories Fellows 2013-2014

Oct 7-11 | Art Histories Welcome Week